3M Tegaderm Film 4x4 3/4 inch 1626W

3M Tegaderm Film 4x4 3/4 inch 1626W
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Product ID : A6258-1 ( 3-4 )
Manufacturer: 3M
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Tegaderm 1626W Transparent Film Dressing 4 x 4-3/4, by 3M, is a transparent film dressing shaped like a rectangle. This dressing is designed for various uses including, which will help secure IVs, to reduce movement that can cause problems. It also helps with wound healing by keeping skin from breaking down. This is possible because the dressing is breathable. It allows oxygen in while moisture vapor and carbon dioxide exit. Although it is breathable it is waterproof and prevents fluids as well as viruses and bacteria from entering the site. This selective barrier helps keep the skin safe and infection-free. In addition, this film dressing utilizes Tegaderm's unique and intuitive frame delivery system. The frame delivery system is so intuitive, patients can easily apply it to themselves if needed. Another feature is that the adhesive is latex-free and hypoallergenic.

The transparency of the dressing makes monitoring the wound easier and does not require changing the dressing to do so. This promotes longer periods of time between dressing changes, and promotes fewer changes. The longer the dressing stays undisturbed, the more efficient the healing process can be. It also reduces chances of contaminants getting to the wound.

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