Molnlyke healthcare Mepilex Border Lite 2x2 281000

Molnlyke healthcare Mepilex Border Lite 2x2   281000
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Mepilex Border is a type of foam dressing designed to create an optimal healing environment for moderate to heavy exuding wounds including pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers, traumatic wounds, and other open wounds. Mepilex Border includes a porous gel that is the first material to contact with the wound. This gel is stuck to the above absorbent material and will create a moist environment within the wound bed. The absorbent pad above wicks away the wound discharge intersperses the moisture throughout the foam. The backing material will protect the wound from external infectious material, yet allows the wound ample air circulation. With supplemental moisture along with and a means of air circulation, an ideal 'climate' is created to promote healing.

Mepilex border adhesive utilizes the patented Safetac technology. This adhesive sticks well to the skin, yet will remove easy with little pain. The border minimizes the risk of infection and maceration by sealing the edges and keeping the exudate from escaping the dressing. The Safetac layer ensures that the dressing can be changed without damaging the wound or surrounding skin.

Mepilex Border Features and Benefits

  • The all-in-one dressing treats chronic wounds like pressure ulcers.
  • The mix of foam, gel, and porous cover makes for an ideal healing climate.
  • It is great for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate.
  • The Safetac technology will allow a safe removal of the adhesive with low incidence of damaging the skin.

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